Solid Surface FAQs

Your questions about Solid Surface countertops and vanities are answered here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are sinks integrated?
Solid surface sinks are chemically-bonded to the countertop creating a smooth, one-piece look from countertop to sink. There are no grout lines, lips or recesses to collect bacteria and mold.

Q: Are seams visible and easily cleaned?
Consistency of pattern and color, plus chemical bonding to fuse solid surface pieces provide very inconspicuous seams. Seams are solid, flush to the surface and moisture resistant. There is no grout to clean, and liquids cannot penetrate the surface.

Q: How stain resistant are solid surface materials?
Since it is nonporous, stains will not seep into the surface. Surface stains are easily wiped away with soap and water or buffed away for good.

Q: Are solid surfaces resistant to mold and bacteria?
Solid surfaces are non-porus and very easy to clean. Of course, good hygiene is always recommended with the use of any product.

Q: Are they heat resistant?
Solid surface materials can be damaged by heat. Minor heat damage usually can be buffed away by the homeowner. More severe heat damage can be inconspicuously repaired. Trivets are recommended to protect countertops against exposure to extreme heat.

Q: How should I care for my countertop?
Solid surface does not require special cleaning products and it does not need sealed. Soap and water will wipe away most stains. Minor scratches and burns can be buffed away without impacting the look or finish. More serious damage usually can be repaired.

Surfaces with a gloss or semi-gloss finish may require more maintenance than a matte or satin finish – scratches may be more apparent and require a more detailed buffing technique. Darker colors also may require more maintenance.

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