Quartz FAQs

Get answers to your questions about selecting engineered quartz for your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and other surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the difference between granite and engineered stone?
A. Granite is natural stone, a by product of mother nature that has been quarried out of the ground. It is manufactured in slab form with sizes varying based on the size of the block, type of stone as well as other variables. Engineered stone is a manmade product that is manufactured. The slab sizes are consistent but run smaller in width then granite slabs which can cause extra seams depending on layout. There are no fissures created by nature and the slab maintains a consistent strength throughout, making it much less likely to crack.

Q. Do I have to seal engineered stone?
A. No, a positive about engineered stone is that this manmade product by virtue of its formulation does not require periodic sealing like natural stone does.

Q. How do I clean my natural or engineered stone surfaces?
A. Daily cleaning is very simple and easy. A solution of 1/3 common dish detergent and 2/3 water in a spray bottle spritzed onto the surface when needed and then wiped up is all that is needed.

Q. Doesn’t engineered stone cost less than granite?
A. There are many granites that are much cheaper then engineered stones as well as more expensive. Engineered stone prices typically fall with in the overall price range of granite.

Q. How is engineered stone manufactured?
A. Engineered Quartz is manufactured with a patented process. The stone aggregates are mixed with a precise ratio of color pigments and resins and then vibro-compacted under 90 tons of pressure to remove any air and compress the material into a formed slab. The formed slab is then placed in a curing oven at 190 degrees for 7 hours then finally polished to a high sheen with diamond polishers.

Q. How durable is engineered stone?
A. The polished surface of Engineered Quartz is done with multi stage diamond polishing wheels. It is extremely durable and resists scuffs and scratches that would damage the matte finish on other types on countertops such as solid surface or laminate.

Q. How stain resistant is engineered stone?
A. Engineered Quartz is completely nonporous and even substances like hair dye can be easily cleaned off. Engineered Quartz has such a low liquid absorption rate that it does not need to be sealed like natural granite and is impervious to all but the strongest industrial chemicals.

Q. Are the seams noticeable?
A. Engineered Quartz seams are much like granite. A color-matched epoxy designed specifically for Engineered Quartz colors is used so that the seam blends remarkably and becomes much less noticeable than natural granite. However, will not completely disappear.

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